Grignolino d'Asti

This wine as well as the woman in the portrait, has deep roots in our story.

As a wine, the Grignolino, is an autochthonous wine, belonging to Piedmontese tradition, produced in small quantity in Monferrato area.

On the other side, the woman on the label is our great- grandmother Angiolina, whose father began our long story as winemakers.

Light red reflexes like the watercolour portrait on the label, state its very delicate bouquet enriched by notes of roses.

100% Grignolino

“Giùanet” located in Isola d’Asti are about 50 years old. Manual harvest.
Temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation with short maceration on skins. Then ageing in steel tank for at least 6 months.
Due to its nature it is best enjoyed young.
Light red colour with cherry hues, presents a very delicate scent of roses with hints of red fruits. The taste is smooth, soft and fruity.

13% by volume

Best served at about 17°C. It’s the perfect red wine for light courses.