mosto d'uva parzialmente fermentato bianco

Last days of summer, the sun is still warm and a pleasant scent of ripe grapes burst in the air.

Bees hunt the last flowers, while a group of children play hide-and-seek in the vineyard.

Dulcisinfundo, the harvest begins.

Located in Costigliole d’Asti are about 20 years old. Manual harvest.
Carefully chosen grapes are sent straight to the winery. Soft pressing process yields a must that is then cooled and filtered.
Due to its nature it is best enjoyed young to appreciate its fresh and fruity flavour.
Brilliant straw yellow with delicate pale green reflexes. Pleasantly sparkling, its perlage forms a sea of delicate bubbles in the glass. Aromatic, flowery and fruity bouquet. This sweet white wine presents a low alcoholic strength, correct crisp taste and a long-lasting juicy aroma.

5% by volume

Best served at about 8°C. It’s the perfect dessert wine to drink with pastries, cakes and tarts.