Monferrato dolcetto

Hopeful and confident. Exhausted by the hard work of the harvest, now it’s time to rest for her.

Only who learns to know his essence will appreciate her unique sweetness, that makes Lucy different from all the others.

The safe haven, the shelter in a storm and the lighthouse in a dark night, where to find protection.

Luciana, our mama.

100% Dolcetto

“Alciati” located in Isola d’Asti are about 50 years old. Manual harvest.

Temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation with short maceration on skins. Then ageing in steel tank for at least 6 months.
Due to its nature it is best enjoyed young.
Intense red colour with deep purple reflexes. It presents an intense fruity and floral scent. The taste is juicy and balanced with a long aromatic persistence.

13,5% by volume

Best served at about 17°C. It is the perfect everyday red wine. Excellent with appetizers and pasta courses like ravioli.